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Water Damage in Jacksonville Commercial Property  

A hot water tank in the attic burst and flooded this dentist office over a weekend, affecting multiple hallways, examination rooms, the X-ray room, and utility ... READ MORE

Arson Behind Jacksonville Attic Fire Restoration Job

This fire caused to this Jacksonville homeowner’s attic was the result of arson. An individual went into the attic, dumped gasoline, and set a match to th... READ MORE

Storm Causes Sewage Back-up In Jacksonville Home

A severe thunderstorm caused a sewage back-up in this Jacksonville home. Unfortunately, the toilet in one bathroom had been removed for remodeling, leaving a ho... READ MORE

Mold Strikes Yulee Bathroom

New homeowner in Yulee wanted to update their master bathroom. When a cabinet contractor removed the bathroom vanity, it was discovered that the homeowners had ... READ MORE

Jacksonville Homeowner Faces Flooding in the Living Room  

What you see is not always what you get. In this case, water was pouring into the homeowner’s living room. Literally. The homeowner thought the water was ... READ MORE

Jacksonville Homeowner Suffers Kitchen Fire

A Jacksonville homeowner was cooking with oil when he started a grease fire in the kitchen. Cooking and cooking equipment is the leading cause of home fires and... READ MORE

Flooding in Jacksonville Warehouse Due to Broken Sprinkler Head

Flooding and chaos occurred on a Saturday night at a warehouse for designer handbags in Jacksonville when a forklift driver who was placing items on high shelvi... READ MORE

Bathroom Flood in Oceanway Leaves Flooded Floors

A malfunctioning toilet flapper results in flooding that seeped from the bathroom into the bedrooms of this Oceanway home. See the water damaged floor and how w... READ MORE

SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest is a Florida-Licensed Mold Remediator  

At an Air Force Base in Jacksonville there was mold inside Armory lockup container Dehumidifier stopped working and mold grew inside container on weapons and wa... READ MORE

The Water You Don’t See Can Become a Problem

A small water leak that went unnoticed for years was discovered behind a shower wall, and mold had grown around the affected area. SERVPRO of Jacksonville North... READ MORE