Fire Damage Photo Gallery

fire on pot on stove

Unattended Cooking #1 Cause of House Fires

Cooking fires are the leading types of home fires in the U.S.. Most often these fires are caused by unattended cooking. Be sure to never leave food while the source of heat is still active. Be aware of combustible material, and keep it away from anything cooking. Double-check ovens and stovetops once cooking is done to ensure they are turned off.

before and after collage of a reconstructed kitchen in Jacksonville

Before & After A Kitchen Fire

Here is a before and after collage of a reconstructed kitchen in Jacksonville after we cleaned up fire damage. This is another example of the type of turnkey service SERVPRO of Jacksonville Northwest offers.

house on fire with fireman fighting fire

Do You Have a Fire Escape Plan?

On average, there are 358,000 home fires each year in the U.S. with 12,300 injuries. Having a home fire escape plan will reduce the chance of fire-related injuries. See our blog for tips on developing yours.

smoke and fire damage at Jacksonville kitchen stove vent

Jacksonville Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires are all too common; a greasy, dirty vent ignited, and smoke and soot damage was the result. Though the cabinets can be refinished to look "Like it never even happened," the odor was very unpleasant. We wiped down the soot, cleaned the vent filters, and set up state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate the bad smell.